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Plumbing Services in Debrecen and its Surrounding Areas!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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We undertake: Replacement of faucets, corner valves, sanitary fixtures, installation of bathtubs, shower cabins, shower panels, sinks, dishwashers, rapid elimination of pipe bursts, water leaks, expert installation of new plumbing systems, renovation of existing systems with professionalism and guarantee!

Duguláselhárítás professzionálisan, garanciával! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Our Plumbing Team

Róbert Kiss
Managing Director, Plumber

András Hadházi

András Prek
Plumber, Gas, and Heating Technician

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Plumbing Services in Debrecen | Professional, Guaranteed Work!

We offer solutions for the following situations in your home:

  • Repair or replacement of kitchen and bathroom faucets, corner valves
  • Installation, connection, and commissioning of washing machines, dishwashers
  • Installation, replacement of bathtubs, shower cabins, shower panels, sinks, and drains
  • Repair or replacement of toilet bowl, tank, flushing valve
  • Comprehensive plumbing work for bathroom renovation, fixture installation
  • Installation of drains, floor drains, connection to sewer network
  • Repair of pipe bursts, detection and elimination of leaks causing water damage
  • Unclogging of drains, clearing blocked toilets
  • Repair of leaking radiators, replacement of towel warmers, radiators
  • Descaling, repair, or replacement of electric water heaters
  • Installation of new water supply network, replacement of aging pipe sections
  • Installation, repair of outdoor faucets, installation of frost-proof taps, winterization

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Plumbing, Faucet Repair, Replacement, Corner Valve Replacement

Our faucets are an essential part of our bathroom and kitchen, often overlooked until they start causing problems.

With daily use, these faucets are subjected to significant wear and tear. Along with frequent opening and closing, limescale can also damage the internal parts of the faucet, such as cartridges and rubber seals.

A faucet that is difficult to close or drips definitely needs repair, and sometimes replacement is unavoidable.

When replacing a faucet, it’s worth considering long-term factors when purchasing a new one!

We always recommend reliable and high-quality faucets, backed by several years of warranty from the manufacturer, with assured spare parts availability.

Unfortunately, many cheap, imported faucets do not come with repair kits, making it impossible to fix them!

Faucets sold in DIY stores often represent such poor quality that they frequently fail even within the minimal warranty period and need replacement!

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If your faucet is dripping, leaking, or it’s simply time to replace the old one, feel free to contact us!
We undertake the replacement or repair of any type of faucet, and if necessary, we can also handle the plumbing work and corner valve replacement!

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Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Services | Aquafox Hungary Kft.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you’ll definitely need a reliable plumber!

Bathroom renovation is one of the most complex and costly tasks for any home, and the result and comfort of it are something everyone wants to enjoy for many years, even decades.

A prerequisite for this is professional bathroom plumbing installation, using quality materials and conscientious workmanship.

During such an investment, it’s essential to use only high-quality materials and fixtures, as often the cheapest option turns out to be the most expensive. For
example, if a low-quality corner valve fails after a few years and floods the apartment!

In such cases, simply replacing the corner valve may not be enough if the plumbing installation was done with low-quality pipes.

Since today plumbing installation is almost exclusively done within walls, in case of leakage, it may be necessary to remove the tiles!

We offer comprehensive plumbing services for bathroom renovation, including the installation of new water and drainage systems, and fixtures!

We can assist you in sourcing the necessary materials and delivering them to the site!

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Replacement of Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re aiming for a noticeable, distinctive change in your bathroom, the easiest way to achieve this is by replacing old, worn-out fixtures.

During a home renovation or when purchasing a new property, it’s often unavoidable to replace the old fixtures.

Nowadays, there’s a huge variety available, from classic white fixtures to colorful and modern designs.

The decision is yours, and our job is to remove the old fixtures and install the new ones!

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We undertake: installation of bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, replacement of old fixtures, installation of faucets and taps, setting up shower panels!
Professional installation of new toilet bowls, tanks, flush valves, expert setup of new washing machine and dishwasher outlets, with warranty!

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Bathtub, Shower Cabin, Sink Installation, Replacement

During a bathroom renovation or remodeling, replacing the bathtub is often unavoidable! Moreover, more and more people nowadays opt for installing a shower cabin instead of a new bathtub.

There are many types of bathtubs available in the market today, but it’s essential for all of them to be professionally installed! The bathtub needs to be securely fastened to ensure stability even when filled with water!

During installation, the bathtub must be leveled so that all the water drains properly. Once installed, it can only be adjusted minimally.

Next, we connect it to the drainage system and ensure proper sealing at the drain.

There are models of bathtubs with factory-installed front panels, and for these types, the precise and professional installation of the front panel requires special attention and expertise!

If, during a renovation, we decide to install a shower cabin instead of a bathtub, we need to modify a part of the plumbing network!

Depending on the type of shower cabin, we create a new outlet for the shower faucet in the wall and the drain for the tray in the floor!

During the installation of a new shower cabin, stable fastening, proper leveling of the tray, and perfect waterproofing are equally important.

After the tiling work, we proceed with drilling holes for the wall mounts of the shower cabin, followed by the precise installation of the elements.

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Trust us with the entire process from demolition to installation, and you won’t have any problems with your newly installed bathtub or shower cabin for a long time!

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Toilet bowl, toilet tank, toilet flush valve repair, replacement

Trust us with the replacement of your old, worn, cracked, or simply aging toilet bowl!

Occasionally, even the simplest toilet tanks can malfunction. Whether due to limescale buildup or deteriorating rubber seals, they may not seal properly, resulting in continuous dripping water.

A leaking toilet tank over an extended period can waste a significant amount of water, resulting in substantial water bills!

If you experience imperfect sealing of the toilet tank and water leakage, do not delay the repair; call us immediately!

We undertake the repair and replacement of both external and built-in toilet tanks!

Over the years, the connecting and seating rubber of the toilet deteriorates, causing leakage at the base of the toilet bowl.

We promptly and professionally address such issues by installing a new seating rubber and resealing the toilet bowl with sealant!

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Pipe rupture, water leak detection, plumbing in Debrecen

A pipe rupture or crack in the plumbing system can cause significant damage and water loss!

In most cases, there doesn’t need to be any direct event for a pipe rupture to occur; the aging pipe network simply can’t withstand the water network pressure and cracks.

But in many cases, a poor-quality pipe fitting or nearby tree roots can be enough to damage the plumbing network.

If you suspect a water leak or excessive water consumption, immediately check the integrity of the plumbing system!

First, shut off all faucets on the property (ensure that all water-consuming appliances are also turned off), then check your water meter to see if all the small wheels measuring water flow are stopped! If the wheels aren’t completely stopped, it indicates that water is leaking in the system!

In this case, you need a reliable plumber immediately because there’s a pipe rupture in the water network!

If a blockage occurs in the sewer network, our team will intervene quickly and professionally to remove it, guaranteeing the work performed!

Professional sewer cleaning in Debrecen and surroundings >>>

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Call us with confidence, and we will arrive at the scene as soon as possible, identify and eliminate the pipe rupture or water leak in your home!

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Electric water heater descaling, repair, replacement

With continuous use, significant amounts of limescale can accumulate in electric water heaters. The accumulated limescale deposits on the heater element and can greatly reduce its efficiency.

As a result, the appliance switches on more frequently and takes much longer to heat the water. Moreover, limescale has a corrosive effect on the heating element, which can completely ruin it.

Do not postpone descaling your water heater; it’s worth dedicating some time to maintenance every few years!

Our team performs fast and efficient descaling of your electric water heater to ensure that it remains operational for a long time!
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If your water heater has other malfunctions (such as not heating or not switching off), you can still count on us! We’ll repair it or, upon your request, install a new one!

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Connecting a dishwasher or washing machine, creating new outlets

If you’ve purchased a new dishwasher or are renovating your kitchen, we can assist with connecting the dishwasher or washing machine!

We’ll create new outlets with corner valves, to which the dishwasher/washing machine can be connected, and we’ll establish connections to the drain.

We’ll help with acquiring the necessary fixtures, corner valves, traps, or flexible hoses and ensure their delivery to the site!

After installation, we’ll conduct a trial run to verify the leak-free closure of the connections.

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Plumbing, unclogging, promptly and professionally
It’s better to entrust the connection of a dishwasher or washing machine to a professional to avoid potential water leakage!
Trust a professional and call AQUAFOX24!

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Professional and affordable plumbing in Debrecen and its surroundings:

  • Complete plumbing, plumbing installation;
  • Construction of a new water pipeline network from design to implementation;
  • Professional work, clean work environment;
  • Modern machines, tools, work tools;
  • Reliable, alcohol-free team;
  • We work at the right price, we are ready by the agreed deadline;
  • We provide professional advice upon request;
  • When the job is done, we leave behind a clean environment;
  • We guarantee all our work;
  • Free exit when working in Debrecen and its immediate vicinity;
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PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

How do we work?

  • After contacting us by phone, we will make an appointment;
  • As agreed, we will arrive at the location as soon as possible;Ű
  • If we arrive due to urgent blockage removal or a broken pipe, we will immediately start removing it;
  • In the case of more complex work, we assess the expected costs;
  • We prepare a free quote that includes labor and material costs;
  • We agree on a date for the start of the work and its expected completion;
  • We complete the work and hand over the site;
  • We are available even after the work is finished;

Plumbing Services Debrecen


You can count on us, feel free to contact us with confidence!


We always perform the entrusted work to the best of our knowledge!


We provide a guarantee for all the work we do!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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CALL NOW! PHONE: +36 20 427 1039

Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen

CALL NOW! PHONE: +36 20 427 1039

Plumbing Services Debrecen