Channel camera inspection, drain cleaning!

In many cases, it’s impossible to determine exactly where the blockage is and what is causing it.
In the case of regularly recurring blockages, there may be some physical damage in the drainage network.
However, this doesn’t pose a problem for us; we have all the equipment needed to locate, identify, and eliminate blockages!
With channel camera inspection, unnecessary demolition can be avoided!

A tree root caused the continuous blockage!

We arrived at the client’s location due to the regularly recurring blockage. During the survey, we found the cause of the problem: a pipe breakage caused by the roots of a nearby tree.
These roots completely penetrated the pipe, causing a considerable buildup, ultimately obstructing the free flow of wastewater.
Instead of the old pipes, we installed new ones, through which the wastewater now flows unimpeded.

Pipe breakage repair in a panel apartment!

We responded to another pipe breakage in a panel apartment, where a crack in the 110-mm asbestos cement pipe in the client’s toilet caused the leakage.
Wastewater leaked for an extended period at the affected section, eventually causing water damage to the neighbor below.
We removed the tiles at the site of the leak, and expertly resolved the problem! The repaired section is now ready for use!
We cleaned up the debris and waste; it’s time for the tiler to start work!

Installation of a new water and sewage network!

After on-site survey and procurement of materials, we commenced the construction of the water and sewage network.
Work doesn’t stop for us even in the rain!
This time, our site is in the yard of a family house, where we need to establish a new water and sewage network for the newly built outbuilding.
After earthworks and proper preparation, we proceeded with the placement of water pipes and drains, ensuring careful adjustment of the proper slope for the latter.

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Removal of limescale buildup from the drain!

Removal of limescale buildup from the drain, toilet, and flush valve replacement.

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Removal of limescale buildup!

Over the years, so much limescale can accumulate on the walls of drain pipes that it eventually causes complete blockage.
Thanks to our professional equipment, we can clear even the most stubborn blockages and remove the limescale buildup!
Your drains will be clean again, ensuring proper wastewater drainage for a long time to come!
The pictures show the pipe before and after limescale removal.

Vízkőmentesítés duguláselhárítás! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.Vízkőmentesítés duguláselhárítás! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Professional drain cleaning – Aquafox24 Debrecen

Thanks to our modern industrial equipment, even the most stubborn blockages are no match!
Using specialized chain heads, the RIDGID FlexShaft device efficiently and quickly clears clogged drains, ensuring free flow for a long time!

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Toilet blockage removal!

A toilet blockage can occur at various points and can be attributed to various reasons. In this case, it’s likely that a larger buildup of limescale caused the blockage in the 110 mm PVC pipe. Our client contacted us complaining that water was getting stuck in their toilet and the water level was rising with each flush. Upon arrival, we assessed the situation and since we couldn’t access the cleaning ports, we had to remove the toilet to access the drainage pipe. We then used our Rothenberger R600 drain cleaning machine and began clearing the blockage.
We successfully cleared the blockage and cleaned the drainage system.

WC duguláselhárítás panellakásban! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Leaking water in the wall

During our recent job, the client requested our assistance regarding the intense dampness of the walls.
Unfortunately, their suspicion was confirmed: there was a pipe breakage in their drainage system. While using the water facilities, a significant amount of used water leaked through the fracture under the floor, leading to the dampening of the walls.
In such cases, it is necessary to open up the wall at the damp area and locate the damaged section of the pipe.
We endeavored to access the pipe breakage with minimal disruption and repair it.
We hope they won’t have to deal with similar incidents for a long time!

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Unclogging without chemicals, without demolition!

Plumbing, apartment renovation in a condominium!

Today we started renovation work in a condominium apartment, where we are replacing the old water pipes, sewage pipes, and sanitary fixtures with new ones.

Vízszerelés, lakásfelújítás társasházban! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Spinal canal blockage clearance:

In an area functioning as a local business’s premises, one of the main sewer lines in the sewage network became completely blocked.

We assured our client that there was no need to worry; we cleared the blockage within an hour, allowing the facility to resume full operation!

Gerincvezeték duguláselhárítás | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Toilet blockage clearance:

A clog occurred due to an air freshener accidentally dropped into the toilet bowl!
We removed the toilet bowl from its place to access and remove the object causing the blockage!
Afterwards, we replaced the seat gasket with a new one, and expertly reattached the toilet bowl back in place!

  • WC duguláselhárítás | AquaFox Hungary Kft.
  • WC duguláselhárítás | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

The cause of the office building’s pipe rupture seen in the picture this time was a drain drilled from above!

For a while, there were no signs of the drilled pipe until a blockage occurred in the system. Due to the blockage, the water stagnated, the water level rose, and it had to escape through the drilled hole from above, completely soaking the ceiling of the lower level.
We replaced the damaged pipe section, cleaned the drainage system, and upon the customer’s request, replaced the outdated faucets, traps, and angle valves with new ones.

Irodaházi csőtörés elhárítás! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

WC water leakage troubleshooting

Over time, the rubber seals of a WC can deteriorate, leading to water leakage during flushing.

This was the case in our recent job, where the client was approached by their downstairs neighbor regarding water seepage in the ceiling. The owner immediately suspected a pipe breakage, but fortunately, the problem was solved quickly by replacing the seating and inlet rubber seals.

It’s worth checking behind our WC from time to time to detect signs of water leakage, thus preventing larger damages in time.

  • WC csésze, WC tartály, WC öblítő szelep javítás, csere! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.
  • WC csésze, WC tartály, WC öblítő szelep javítás, csere! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.
  • WC csésze, WC tartály, WC öblítő szelep javítás, csere! | AquaFox Hungary Kft.

Kitchen drain unclogging!

For unclogging kitchen drains, one of our favorite tools is the Milwaukee M18 drain cleaning machine.
Due to its small size, it fits in tight spaces and effortlessly pushes forward its 10.6m long, 10mm diameter spiral, thus freeing the system from the most stubborn clogs.

A konyhai dugulás elhárítására, az egyik legkedveltebb eszközünk a Milwaukee M18-as lefolyócső tisztító gépe. Kis méretéből adódóan szűk helyeken is elfér, és játszi könnyedséggel tolja előre a 10,6m hosszú, 10mm-es átmérőjű spirálját, ezzel megszabadítva a rendszert a legmakacsabb dugulásoktól. 🤘🦊💧 +36 20 427 1039

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