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Drain Cleaning in Debrecen and its Surrounding Areas!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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We undertake: clearing clogs in kitchen and bathroom drains, bathtubs, shower trays, toilets, floor drains, main sewer lines, ensuring the proper, safe, and swift cleaning of blocked drains, and repairing damaged or leaking sections!

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Our Plumbing Team

Róbert Kiss
Managing Director, Plumber

András Hadházi

András Prek
Plumber, Gas, and Heating Technician

Teszteltük a legújabb 16mm-es akkumulátoros gépeinket, amiknek köszönhetően a 90°-os könyökök, és távolabb lévő makacsabb dugulások sem jelentettek akadályt. A zárt doboknak köszönhetően pedig a spirálok tisztán, és rendezetten végezték a munkát!🤗🪠 📱+36206653345 #dugulaselharítás #aquafox24

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Drain Cleaning in Debrecen | Professional, Guaranteed Work!

  • Quick and free call-out service in Debrecen and its immediate vicinity;
  • Unclogging drains without breaking walls, swiftly, professionally, with a guarantee;
  • Sewer camera inspection to pinpoint blocked sections;
  • No use of corrosive chemicals during the procedure, which could shorten the lifespan of drains;
  • Utilization of professional technical equipment and modern industrial drain cleaning machines;
  • Limescale removal to eliminate blockages caused by limescale;
  • Detection and elimination of the source of unpleasant sewer odors;
  • Identification of outdoor blockages caused by vegetation (e.g., tree roots);
  • Replacement of aging sewer pipes and drains with excavation work;

Take advantage of our professional drain cleaning service in Debrecen and its surroundings, available 24 hours a day!

Our service is safe and completely chemical-free! We guarantee all our work!

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Drain Cleaning Cleanly and Efficiently | Aquafox Hungary Kft.

If you notice signs of a clog, such as water draining slower than usual or detecting sewer odors, it’s worth turning to a professional as soon as possible!

It’s not advisable to wait until the drain is completely blocked, as our experience shows that this usually happens at the worst times! In the evening, early morning, during family events, or on holidays.

Times when we least want to deal with this inconvenience!

If you want to prevent major problems, call us in time, and we’ll do everything we can to clear the clog as soon as possible!

Thanks to our state-of-the-art, high-performance industrial drain cleaning equipment, even the most stubborn clogs won’t stand a chance against us!

We’ll help ensure that your drains are clean and clog-free again! We always leave the work area clean!

Take advantage of our modern and environmentally friendly drain cleaning service, and your drains will be safe to use again for a long time!

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After receiving your phone call, we will arrive at the location as soon as possible to eliminate even the most stubborn clogs!
Professional drain cleaning in Debrecen and its surrounding areas. Call us with confidence!

We use the most advanced equipment for drain cleaning!

In addition to expertise and experience, the use of professional drain cleaning machines and equipment is essential for clearing severely clogged drains.
These devices have undergone tremendous advancements in recent years, allowing us to clean any clogged drain quickly and make it usable again!

Here’s what we currently have:
  • RIDGID FlexShaft K9-204 comprehensive drain cleaning machine: With its chain heads, it ensures the complete cleaning of the inner walls of drains, ensuring long-term clear flow.
    It can also be used in conjunction with camera pipe diagnostics!
  • Rothenberger R 600 special pipe and drain cleaning device: Equipped with a robust SMK spiral, it penetrates even the toughest clogs, reaching up to 60
    meters in length.
  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Drain Cleaner: Handheld, portable battery-powered drain cleaner with automatic spiral feed and retrieval. It allows us to access
    even the tightest spaces!
  • In addition, we have all the necessary supplementary hand tools and screwdriver machines.
Thanks to our equipment, we are capable of cleaning all types of pipes, drains, and main lines!
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If you need fast and affordable drain cleaning, give us a call and forget about the problems caused by clogs!
Thanks to our service, you can regain the use of your bathroom or kitchen in no time!

  PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

Channel camera, delineation of blockages

We can use our RIDGID FlexShaft K9-204 complex drain cleaning tool in conjunction with cameras during drain cleaning. If we encounter an obstacle
that the system cannot penetrate, we can employ the cameras.

The greatest advantage of camera inspection is that we can determine the exact location of the blockage without the need for wall demolition and identify the cause of the problem!

With the drain camera, we can easily identify any other issues (such as pipe breakage, cracks, leaks) as well!

We can also assess the general condition of the entire pipe network, such as the presence of accumulated dirt, limescale deposits, or foreign objects in the drain.

A common scenario is when tree roots or large shrubs grow into the drain, or we may find various toys dropped by children.

If the blockage persists despite proper and thorough drain cleaning, the source of the problem can be precisely measured and identified with a drain camera!

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A sewer camera inspection makes identifying the problem easier and can save you time and money!
With a comprehensive sewer inspection, we can accurately assess pipe breakage, leaks, and troubleshoot any issues.

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Unclogging at Home

If you notice signs of a blockage at home, you can first try DIY methods!

For kitchen sinks or bathroom basins, it’s worth starting with cleaning the trap.

If only the trap is clogged, the problem can be easily solved by disassembling and cleaning the trap.

There is a wide variety of drain cleaners available, which, when poured into the drain, can achieve partial success!

A general drain cleaning can also be done at home with household items such as baking soda and vinegar. First, pour a cup of baking soda and half a bottle of
vinegar into the drain. Then let this mixture sit overnight so that the acids produced can work their magic and dissolve the buildup!

The next morning, pour a large pot of hot water into the drain to flush out thedeposits!

This method can be effective if the drain is not completely clogged yet, and the hot water can penetrate through the blockage!
Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen
Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen

It’s worth using this technique even monthly, and then you can avoid the worstcase scenario, a completely blocked drain!

Additionally, pouring vinegar and baking soda down the drain helps eliminate unpleasant sewer odors!

In the case of toilet blockages, you can also try using a plunger!

If the problem is more severe and the drain is completely blocked throughout its diameter, then these simple DIY methods won’t be sufficient!

In such cases, it’s always advisable to seek professional help and rely on specialized tools to solve the problem! Fortunately, we have a solution for every situation!

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you eliminate the blockage affordably, quickly, and reliably!

Quality service at a fair price | Aquafox Hungary Kft.
  • Prompt response to phone inquiries;
  • Reliability and flexibility;
  • Clean, professional workmanship;
  • Free call-out service in the Debrecen area;
  • Fast unclogging with professional tools;

Useful unclogging tips

If you can already smell sewer odors in your home, then a clog is very close. In this case, it’s not worth postponing drain cleaning any longer because the
problem will only worsen!

Avoid letting solid objects that obstruct water flow and cause blockages enter the drains. The same applies to throwing such items into the toilet!

During dishwashing, try to minimize the amount of food residue that goes down the drain. It’s advisable to remove any leftovers from plates before putting them
in the dishwasher.

As a preventive measure, you can occasionally use drain cleaners, grease solvents, baking soda, and vinegar!

Combining these with a hot water flush can significantly reduce the likelihood of clogs forming in the drainage system.

On our website, you’ll find further useful information on unclogging topics!

In the “OUR WORK” section, you can get a glimpse into our everyday lives, where we encounter various problems and tasks that we strive to solve to the best of
our knowledge.

In the “USEFUL INFO” section, we aim to provide advice on solving minor problems that arise in everyday life and may not necessarily require a professional.

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Immediate unclogging in Debrecen and its surrounding areas with a guarantee!
In case of a clog, pipe breakage, or any other issue, we offer free call-out, quick and precise work!

  PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

Professional drain cleaning in Debrecen and its catchment area:

  • Full-scale unclogging, drain cleaning, descaling;
  • Professional work, clean work environment;
  • Modern machines, tools, work tools;
  • Reliable, alcohol-free team;
  • We work at the right price, we are ready by the agreed deadline;
  • We provide professional advice upon request;
  • When the job is done, we leave behind a clean environment;
  • We guarantee all our work;
  • Free exit when working in Debrecen and its immediate vicinity;

How do we work?

  • After contacting us by phone, we will make an appointment;
  • As agreed, we will arrive at the location as soon as possible;
  • If we arrive due to urgent blockage removal or a broken pipe, we will immediately start removing it;
  • In the case of more complex work, we assess the expected costs;
  • We prepare a free quote that includes labor and material costs;
  • We agree on a date for the start of the work and its expected completion;
  • We complete the work and hand over the site;
  • We are available even after the work is finished;

Unclogging Services in Debrecen


You can count on us, feel free to contact us with confidence!


We always perform the entrusted work to the best of our knowledge!


We provide a guarantee for all the work we do!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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