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Sewer Line Mapping in Debrecen and Its Surrounding Area

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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During the procedure, we utilize a specialized radar technology to map out the exact location, route, and depth of the sewage system in the area. With our service, existing or recurring blockages, clogs, or potential damages in the sewer system can be quickly and effectively surveyed and resolved.

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Main advantages of sewer line mapping:

  • Quick and precise mapping of the sewage system in the absence of documentation.
  • Measuring and addressing the causes of regularly recurring stubborn blockages.
  • Determining the location of the sewage line exiting the property.
  • Accurately identifying street connections and hidden branches in the sewer.
  • Detecting damages caused by outdoor vegetation (e.g., tree roots).
  • Surveying the condition and route of the sewage system before purchasing a property.
  • Assisting in the planning process before landscaping, tree planting, or pavement construction.
  • Mapping underground sewer networks in construction/demolition sites where necessary.
  • A fast and accurate method for saving money and time.

We have a professional technical background and use the latest radar technology!
Upon request, we survey the entire sewer system, its route, and condition!
Our service is applicable in residential areas, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and industrial areas alike!

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The complete process of sewer line mapping:

Before determining the sewer line route, it is necessary to assess the internal condition of the drain and remove any physical obstacles that may hinder the insertion of the probe.

As a first step, a pipe inspection camera is inserted into the sewer to provide us with an immediate and precise image, showing any damages, deposits, or blockages in the inspected section.

During the camera inspection, any identified blockages or mineral deposits are removed as much as possible, and the sewer is cleaned.

Next, we locate a point where we can introduce the probe in the direction of flow. This could be a manhole or a cleanout opening where we can access the sewer without demolition.

If there is no such opening, and demolition is unavoidable, we search for a point in the area where this can be most easily accomplished and with the least cost possible!

We always consult with our clients on these matters and strive to find the best and most optimal solutions!
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The combined use of camera inspection and sewer line mapping allows us to get an accurate picture of the sewage system’s condition and take the necessary steps to prevent major damages!

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Tools for sewer line mapping:

In addition to expertise and experience, it’s important for us to work with modern equipment and professional tools to achieve high efficiency and the best quality while saving time for our clients.

Currently, we use the RIDGID NaviTrack Scout® locator as our sewer line mapping tool, which is one of the most advanced and accurate devices for this task.

How does the radar-based mapping work?

The NaviTrack Scout locator is designed to use multi-directional antenna technology and combine different frequencies to create the most accurate image of the underground sewer network.

Using a micro-mapping display, the device performs line tracing, marking distinct poles in front of and behind the target, ensuring precise tracking.

In real-time on the device’s display, processed signals and data can be seen, allowing for the quick determination of the line and accurate calculation of the sewer’s depth.

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Using the most advanced technology, we carry out precise and accurate channel route determination, at the same time this device ensures the possibility of accurate depth measurement along the entire route.

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How sewer line mapping works:

In the case of sewer lines, the so-called signal generator method must be used, where a transmitter (a probe) is inserted into the network, which then emits signals for the external locator.

For plastic drains, this method is the only way to determine the route of the sewage system running underground or hidden.

The inserted probe into the sewer ensures precise line tracing and also allows for continuous and precise depth measurement.

This technology is ideally suited for any sewage system where the drain is not directly visible, no documentation has been prepared, or has been lost over the years.

Using the NaviTrack Scout device, by combining different frequencies, we can make precise depth measurements between 0.5 and 8 meters!

The device is easily transportable, quickly deployable, and can be used in virtually any terrain!

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With our service, you can immediately get an accurate picture of the condition and route of the sewer system, avoiding unnecessary demolitions or serious damages to the network!

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Expert sewer line mapping in Debrecen and its vicinity:

  • Determining the route of sewage drains without demolition; We have the latest, most advanced equipment;ű
  • We ensure professional workmanship and a clean working environment;
  • After the measurement, we discuss the necessary steps and options;
  • Upon request, we provide professional advice based on what we see;
  • We work with a reliable, alcohol-free team;
  • After completing the work, we leave a clean environment behind;
  • We have several years of professional experience;
  • We provide a guarantee for all our work;
  • Free call-out for work in Debrecen and its immediate surroundings;
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PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

How we work:

  • After your phone inquiry, we schedule an appointment;
  • We arrive at the site as soon as possible according to the agreement;
  • If it’s urgent due to blockage or pipe breakage, we immediately start fixing it;
  • For more complex tasks, we assess the expected costs;
  • We provide a free quote, including labor and material costs;
  • We schedule a time to start and complete the work;
  • We carry out the work and hand over the site;
  • We remain available even after the work is completed;

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