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Channel camera inspection in the area of Debrecen and its surroundings!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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In cases of regularly recurring clogs, it often happens that there is some physical damage or foreign object in the drainage network.
Channel camera inspection is the simplest and fastest way to uncover faults and accurately pinpoint their location!

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Channel camera inspection can help in various cases:

  •  Identifying the causes of regularly recurring clogs
  • Accurately determining the location of blockages
  • Avoiding unnecessary demolition and excavation work
  • Determining the drainage route
  • Checking the correct slope of the channel
  • Surveying the condition of the channel
  • Pinpointing possible deformations and fractures
  • Searching for foreign objects in the drain
  • Detecting damage caused by vegetation, root intrusions
  • Checking the network before purchasing a property
  • Revealing construction errors

Request a camera inspection of your drainage network if you encounter similar problems at home!
Channel camera inspection available in Debrecen and its surroundings, even 24 hours a day!

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The process of channel camera inspection:

Thanks to our professional drain cleaning equipment, we can quickly and efficiently eliminate even the most stubborn blockages if there is no physical damage or fracture in the drain, or if there is no foreign object that impedes free flow.

However, it often happens that drainage pipes laid decades ago age and break at a joint or elbow fitting.

In many cases, we also experience roots from garden vegetation growing into the network, causing complete blockages in that section.

In such situations, a camera inspection can be the solution, quickly identifying these problems!

During channel camera inspection, we insert a special fiber optic cable into the drain, with a camera head at the end transmitting real-time images, showing us the exact problem we are facing.

These cameras are capable of capturing high-resolution and high-quality footage of the interior of the drain, even in low-light conditions!

With the system, we can quickly and cost-effectively identify the cause of the blockage and its exact location.

This helps us avoid unnecessary extensive demolitions, and we only need to intervene in the section of the network where the problem causing the blockage is found!

Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen
Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen

For the lasting and safe cleaning of severely blocked drains, channel camera inspection is often essential!
Thanks to our service, you can avoid unnecessary demolitions and get rid of recurring blockages!

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Pre-Purchase Property Drain Inspection

We recommend a thorough inspection of the entire drainage and sewer network before purchasing a new or used property. This can help avoid potential complications, disputes, and significant expenses later on!

During a channel camera inspection, we can assess the condition of the network, and when buying a new house, it can shed light on any possible construction errors.

In our experience, it is quite common for adhesive or other foreign objects to remain in the drain, which can cause blockages within a few weeks in a new apartment!

Our equipment can capture both photos and videos, which we provide to our clients via email.

These recordings can serve as evidence, for example, regarding faulty joints or improper leveling, in discussions with contractors.

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Channel cameras are effective in detecting various construction errors, and their causes can be precisely identified! Condition assessment, route determination, and uncovering the causes of blockages are essential steps before purchasing a new or used property!

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Additional Benefits of Channel Camera Inspection:

  • The condition of the sewer or drain can be accurately assessed, allowing problems to be recognized and resolved quickly before they cause major damage.
  • This leads to significant financial savings because early detection helps prevent expensive repair work.
  • Channel camera inspection is one of the most modern and efficient methods for identifying and eliminating recurring blockages and physical damage in the sewer network.
  • During channel camera inspection, breaks, cracks, damages, foreign objects in the network, and other hidden flaws can be identified with exceptional precision.
  • Channel camera inspection saves you time and money. Without it, the only way to uncover problems would be to break through the floor or excavate the drains on a much larger scale.
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We have a modern and professional fleet of equipment, allowing us to quickly and accurately identify problems!
Upon your call, we arrive at the site promptly and resolve the identified issues and blockages efficiently!

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Channel camera inspection in Debrecen and its surrounding areas:

  • Camera inspection of drains and sewers
  • Identifying the causes of recurring blockages and resolving them
  • Modern equipment, professional workmanship
  • Reliable, alcohol-free team
  • We work at a fair price and meet the agreed deadlines
  • We provide professional advice upon request
  • We leave a clean environment after completing the work
  • We provide a guarantee for all our work
  • Free call-out for work in Debrecen and immediate vicinity
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PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

How do we work?

  • After contacting us by phone, we will make an appointment;
  • As agreed, we will arrive at the location as soon as possible;
  • If we arrive due to urgent blockage removal or a broken pipe, we will immediately start removing it;
  • In the case of more complex work, we assess the expected costs;
  • We prepare a free quote that includes labor and material costs;
  • We agree on a date for the start of the work and its expected completion;
  • We complete the work and hand over the site;
  • We are available even after the work is finished;

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Vízszerelés, duguláselhárítás, gyorsan szakszerűen

Channel camera inspection in Debrecen and its immediate vicinity!