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Bathroom renovation, cold tiling, plumbing, complete general contracting!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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We provide comprehensive services from the demolition of old tiles, floors, and sanitary ware to the renewal of the entire plumbing system and drainage network, to the final handover of a ready-to-use bathroom!

With innovative technical solutions and modern materials, we transform your bathroom!

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Our Plumbing Team

András Hadházi

Hadházi András

András Prek
Plumber, Gas, and Heating Technician

Bathroom renovation services:

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Cold tiling:

  • Removal of old tiles, sanitary ware, and debris cleaning.
  • Repairing damaged wall surfaces, and if necessary, replastering.
  • Leveling and preparing the substrate for the new tiles.
  • If needed, creating a completely new substrate.
  • Professional tiling and grouting.
  • Tiling of bathtub and shower tray walls.
  • Custom-built shower cubicle, vanity unit installation.


  • Complete replacement of the plumbing system with modern plastic pipes.
  • Renewal of the sewer network, installation of new drains.
  • Installation of new bathtub, shower cabin, shower panel.
  • Professional waterproofing with specialized materials.
  • Installation of new sanitary ware, sinks, toilet bowls.
  • Setting up the washing machine area, connecting it to the water and sewer network.
  • Installation of fittings, taps, faucets, angle valves.
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Furthermore, we also undertake: Replacement of tiles in kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, entrance halls, and other auxiliary rooms.
Tiling of terraces, balconies, and stairs. Creation of natural stone coverings.
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Steps for renovating a bathroom:

Planning and Inspiration: Before embarking on a comprehensive bathroom renovation, it’s essential to dedicate time to planning, as such an investment lasts for years, ideally decades! New and innovative solutions are constantly emerging, which can further enhance comfort, increase durability, and improve energy efficiency. However, before the renovation begins, it’s crucial to consult with professionals to determine which of these solutions can be implemented in our own bathroom!

Budgeting: Calculating costs is one of the most important tasks before starting a bathroom renovation! Both in terms of technical content, material quality, and aesthetic appearance, there is a vast range of options available, and prices vary widely. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the expected costs even before the execution begins.

Selecting Materials: When selecting materials, tiles, sanitary ware, faucets, and fittings for a bathroom renovation, it’s crucial to proceed with great care, as there are significant differences in quality and durability. Not always is the most expensive option the best, but there are areas where cutting corners should be avoided!

Choosing quality adhesives, floor leveling compounds, waterproofing materials, fittings, and plumbing supplies is crucial, and we only recommend and work with high-quality products for our work! This way, we can provide a guarantee for our work!

Planning the Bathroom Renovation: Since this is a very complex and complicated task, it’s necessary to organize the entire process, coordinate the work of professionals, and ensure the timely supply of all necessary materials!

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Trust our team with the entire renovation process, from demolition and debris removal to handing over the ready-to-use bathroom!
We coordinate and carry out every phase of the work with the involvement of professional craftsmen!

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Bathroom renovation in Debrecen and its surrounding areas:

  • We offer comprehensive services from demolition to handover.
  • Professional team, efficient workmanship.
  • Application of innovative and reliable technical solutions.
  • Modern equipment, tools, and work materials.
  • Reliable, alcohol-free team.
  • We work at a fair price and meet the agreed deadlines.
  • We provide professional advice upon request.
  • We leave a clean environment after completing the work.
  • We provide a guarantee for all our work.
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PHONE: +36 20 427 1039 CALL NOW!

How do we work?

  • After your phone inquiry, we schedule an appointment.
  • We conduct an on-site survey according to the agreed-upon details.
  • You can trust us with every phase of the work; there’s no need to search for separate craftsmen.
  • We provide a free quote, including labor costs.
  • We schedule a start date for the work and an expected completion date.
  • We carry out the work and hand over the ready-to-use bathroom.
  • We use quality materials to ensure a durable and beautiful bathroom.
  • We remain available even after the completion of the work.

Bathroom renovation, cold tiling Debrecen


You can count on us, feel free to contact us with confidence!


We always perform the entrusted work to the best of our knowledge!


We provide a guarantee for all the work we do!

Aquafox Hungary Kft.

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